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How To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For A Cold Winter

During the freezing winter months here in Brazil, the air conditioner is the last thing most people think about. There are a number of steps you should take, however, to make sure that your AC will survive the rough winter ahead. If you need air conditioner or heater repairs in Brazil, Indiana, call Crafton’s Heating and Cooling today!

1. Shut It Off!

When the temperature starts to dip, it’s time to shut off the unit entirely. There are often random warm days in the middle of the winter – if your unit turns on during one of these warm days, water can get trapped inside the unit and could freeze.

2. Clean It Out

It’s a good idea to regularly clean out your air conditioner as part of standard HVAC maintenance, and this is especially true before your AC hibernates for the winter. Remember to NEVER clean or wash your unit unless it is turned off and disconnected from power. You can do some of this cleaning yourself, but it is always a good idea to have the system cleaned by a professional Brazil HVAC company.

3. Cover Exposed Pipes

When the temperature falls under 32°F, the water in exterior pipes can freeze. This can lead to burst pipes and damage to your air conditioner unit – either of which is a major problem. It’s a good idea to insulate the pipes with foam pipe covers. You can find the foam at a hardware store or online, and installation takes just a few minutes.

4. Cover The AC Unit

Air conditioners are built tough, but it is still a great idea to keep yours sheltered from the elements. You don’t need to purchase a special air conditioner cover, but it doesn’t hurt to invest in one. Otherwise, you can pick up a sheet of heavy duty plastic or vinyl, and cover your unit tightly by wrapping it with bungee cords or duct tape.

5. Check It Regularly

The wind and other elements can be harsh, so it’s a good idea to check your AC unit every few weeks, or after any major storms. Simply make sure that your cover is still in place, nothing is damaged, and that the unit is free of any debris. This, combined with the other steps, will help you keep your unit working for years to come.

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